The difference between a movie inside a button vs's

triggering a movie clip on the main stage via a button action.
Is the file size any smaller doing it inside of a button? I know there may be a few different takes on the subject, and all depending on how the whole thing is put together.Any thoughts on this would be appreceiated.


once you put an object on the stage all the parts of that object are included in the swf. this also goes for any library items that you have set to export.
your file size will not change drastically unless you add more objects to the library that are placed on the stage (or exported). you could have one movie clip in your library and place it on the stage 100 times and your file size will be small, but if you have 100 objects in your library and 1 instance of each on the stage then your file size wil be large.
does that make sense? i’m sure someone can explain it better than i can.

I see…So if I keep adding objects to the library…The file size will grow (in a nutshell)…The actions, however, are for whatever is convenient given to the application at hand. So if I had a say 10 actions for 2 objects, that would be a small file size compared to 2 actions for 10 objects…Correct?

Nope… but he explained it correctly. :slight_smile:

the final production movie, the Swf, will be larger or smaller only depending upon what items are actually included on it’s stage, at any point in time.

That’s probebly all you need to know right now.

for later, keep this in mind.
There is a feature called attach(); which lets you draw stuff from a library. The library is a specially prepared Swf movie, and it might be required that it be on the same server that the movie Swf is located on. The library is created by having an item in it which is predefined in the “Library Panel”'s properties settings. “export” is the name of that setting.
The movie is then published, usually with nothing on it’s stage. Any animation is useless since it’s just a library, and will only add k to the production.