The final question - I promise lol!

Hi all,
Before I get the poll to go live, these are the choices I have placed. If there are any changes that need to be made, please reply below. Also, if you submitted multiple entries, you can have another one of your entries included along with this one.

I picked the one that I felt was the best, if you have another one that you would like to ADD (yes, for total of two :)) on to the list, simply reply back and I will add them on.

The list:

justaPixel: Mosaic

fadingblack: What Is Going On

eki: Text Generator

red penguin: Grid Game

lostinbeta: Gradient Builder

supersatori: Walker

Pixelwit: Bubblegrid

novatake: Slideshow

sinfiniti: Random Grid

zoomfreddy: thermal game

eilsoe: moving grid

the noizer: picture grid

chrissos: arrows

chrissos: 3D Node

indra: grid

matticiousg: grid changer

ilyaslamasse: levitating grid

If I forgot anything or need to add anything to an entry, make that known as well =) I’d like to have this up tomorrow and then give everyone a week to vote!

Kirupa :cowboy:

I am content =)

I just edited your post to change the address of my entry. Put it on pomweb :stuck_out_tongue: (thanks again Eberth).

Oh, and I think you made a good choice with the entries. Let’s vote!!

pom :cowboy:

vote vote vote vote vote vote…

snoogins :cool:

kirupa, please remove my toon entry and replace it with the 5th one (3d node net) since i like it better.


OOOO The 5th one is most excellent indeed.

Rally ho me flasher buddies:crazy:

Hey chrissos,
Fixed it! Btw, pom, eilsoe, lost, and others; you all have submitted multiple entries…are you sure that you don’t want another one of your entries (that you want) added to the list? It won’t replace the entry I chose…it will be an additional entry for you. Kind of like how chrissos has two; one that he likes and another one that I found nice.

Kirupa :rambo:

thank you very much kirupa!


Wow chrissos, yours is very cool. Gj on it.

I guess you can add my Entry 4 - Draggable Grid. My entry 5 isn’t really a grid, and my entries 1 and 2 are too basic and blah.

That singles out Entry 4.

lostinbeta - Draggable Grid

hey lost!
I’ll add that in. The poll should go up live today or early tomorrow. It takes a while to make all the hyperlinks clickable in the poll :frowning: Just gotta wait for ilyas and eilsoe to reply.

Kirupa :pirate:

Ok, I can wait…no rush :slight_smile:

I’ll vote on POM, that grid he made is SUPERCOOL!!

A little excited are we didius? :slight_smile: THe poll isn’t up yet. You’ll be able to vote like you do for the polls in Random; you’ll see a bargraph and a running count of how many votes each person has hehe.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a quick question, but what stops someone from making more user names and then voting for their piece over and over again? It would be pretty easy to stuff the ballet box!


Hey kirupa… just wondering what is lined up for the winner?

Go there click on Prizes/Judging.

kirupa, i would like to add this one:

the only thing that bothers me is that i won’t be voting for my own! there are some outstanding submissions in this contest and i am proud to be a part of it!
have a nice day,

I would be insane to vote for my own.

I have a few in mind, and I am slowly narrowing it down to the one that I will vote for.

*Originally posted by Didiusthegreat *
**I’ll vote on POM, that grid he made is SUPERCOOL!! **
Way to go, man! :stuck_out_tongue:

Brad>> Nothing I guess. Well, there’s always the IP thinggy, but I don’t know how it works, so I’ll just shut up…

Lost>> As a matter of fact, I don’t know who I’m going to vote for yet… I’m hesitating between the one I find most complex (in other words, the one I would be totally unable to do) and another very simple but very cool. :cyclops:

Kir>> Nahh, it’s OK. One is enough.

pom :cowboy: