Ok :)

This is only temporary, and let’s come up with a descriptive name :slight_smile:

Allow me to be the first to enter something :slight_smile: It’s script only, and works exclusively with Flash MX (sorry F5 users :()

I hope you’ll like it. You can see it here.

pom :asian:

Edit: I took the source out.

Wow that is nice :slight_smile: Don’t you think you should post the code as a separate post topic? Btw, I haven’t yet had a chance to modify all the links and add all of the information on the site to get visitors to be informed by it. Gimme just one more day lol!

Kirupa :bandit:

ilyaslamasse, you are becoming one of my idols!!! :slight_smile:


Ilyas is already one of my idols:)

Oh come on guys :blush:

Now show me what you got!

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Well seeing as I am already intimidated and still haven’t learned enough of the math side to do that I am afraid to enter. But hey, I did say I was in this to have fun, so here goes nothing…

<U>ENTRY 1</U>
<B>EXAMPLE: </B>Entry 1 Example

<U>ENTRY 2</U>
<B>EXAMPLE: </B>Entry 2 Example

Very corney, but it was fun doing:) They also aren’t fully optimized because I just did them last night, but I really don’t have too much free time so I didn’t have time to optimize them.

Hey, that’s good! I like it :slight_smile:


They both almost the same script, just slight editing can produce such different results:)

That is probebly as good or better than anything I can do lostinbeta… looks good to me.

Nice one from you too Pom. Very cool.

I haven’t even yet begun to learn the full power of the trig functions. I am so screwed…haha. Oh well, I will get over it. I can’t wait to see more entries from people:)

You going to submit anything david?

probebly… though I doubt it will be anything as cool as those two.

am I to understand that the first contest is based upon a grid and that all entries have to reflect that?

Yes, tis true. If you go to the page with the contest rules, Ilyas supplies a short tutorial on making grids with AS (I know I didn’t know how). The link can be found on the ever popular “New Comp” thread…haha.

Eek. I’ve never even gone near the trig stuff in AS. Boy, do I feel screwed now. :slight_smile:

nice ilyas and lostinbeta =)
that …“thing” that ilyas posted looks 3d

Well, lostinbeta, you are also in my idols list… Ihave tha same impression as Kitiara. I will never get even close to that!

Thank you everyone.

fadingblack: Now I am blushing too:)

ok guys… maybe I’m a dumbass… but I can’t get the link to that grid to unzip correctly… it really should be attached to this thread anyway… could someone check the link, see if the download is the correct thing, and then possibly post that link here?


Hey david, the tutorial is on this page…

Kirupa Contest

Click on “Creating A Grid”.