The funniest name on this board

Hey who has the funniest name on the board? I just saw a dude who’s name was Dirtyfunkydude. I dont know why but the cracked me the hell up. Has anyone else seen some funny screen names here??

well i must admit 3d-iva is hillarious :wink: lol j/k

i think i seen “A large trout” and “abcdefghijkl” those were pretty wierd…dunno about funny

i think Phil Jayhan is a funny *** name… :wink: where is Phil!!! he is not here to reply to my remarks!!! with his dull and witty humour :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked God before he was banned. LOL He kept going on about how he was God and I thought it was good.


Well, God’s okay, but a good slap in the face with a large trout brings even the omniescent down to the same level as the rest of us.

I quite like:

absinthe suicid (must’ve died before he could finish the word)
Wa ha ha ha ha

Yes, I think A large trout has a certain ring to it…

[SIZE=1]Psychotic Sociopath[/SIZE]

together, name and status, its hillarious :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I remeber when god was here. then he came back as budda. that guy was a dick.

He returned as both did he not. besides budda is more fiting for a reincarantion don’t you think?

Ya the guy just wouldn’t quit. i wonder if he is someone on the board right now. He had his fun now heis just a regualr Kirupaville citizen and we are none the wiser.

besides budda is more fiting for a reincarantion don’t you think?

great observation sintax321… :cool:

lol! I like absinthe suicid