The Iraqi Vote

I’m not sure where to put this since we don’t have an ‘ordered’ thread anymore.

We as americans have alot of rights that we take for granted. The right to vote arguably tops that list as it gives everyone a voice. On January 30th, for the first (correct me if I’m wrong) time in its history, Iraqi citizens will have that right. They will vote for the political party that will draft there constitution. Then sometime next year they will again vote, but this time for the people that will lead that new government.

Through the International Office of Migration ( those Iraq’s not living in Iraq will have the chance to participate in the election.

There are 14 countries participating in this:
Australia (Melbourne and Sydney)
Canada (Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto)
Denmark (Copenhagen)
France (Paris)
Germany (Berlin, Cologne, Mannheim, and Munich)
Iran (Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Orumiyeh, Qom, and Tehran)
Jordan (Amman)
The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Zwolle)
Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm)
Syria (Damascus)
Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul)
United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)
United Kingdom (Glasgow, London, Manchester)
The United States (Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Washington DC

I don’t know exact date/times for the rest of the locations…but Los Angeles:
registration -> January 17th - January 23rd (8am - 5pm)
polling -> January 28th - January 30th (7am - 5pm)

Due to the short time frame that was given and the nature of this event, the IOM has been having a little bit of trouble securing a venue for the Los Angeles area. I am working as an election official for the Los Angeles area and at the end of our training yesterday we were told that we would be contacted by saturday night with the location. They think it will be in Pomono or Long Beach. For up to date information you can visit

to be eligibile:
A state, state issued, or international picture ID
born on or before December 18th, 1986
and proof of nationality (note that if your father was iraqi, and you can prove lineage…you will be accepted

for more information on registration requirements:

I for one was and still am against the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, but the sooner they can get a government put together…the sooner the US military can come home. I urge you to spread the word regarding this. Post the links on any message boards or mailing lists you are part of. The IOM is doing all they can to spread the word, but every little bit helps.