Guess the day of the Iraqi Invasion and win

I guess November 21st :stuck_out_tongue:

course… who ever heard of starting a war on a Thursday? That just aint right. We should start out on monday like all other real honest Americans. :slight_smile:

I change my guess to November 18th.

you’re completely wrong

the war … if ever happens … will start on saturday 23rd.
so you can celebrate all night that the war has started.

and will finish on saturday 30th.
so you can celebrate all night 'cause husseim is finally down.

I choose “Null”.

Wait… I mean i choose “Null” AK!

My brain cannot choose a number!!! AK!!

Ok, Its time for a reformat…


my guess novermber 19 :wink: i think the war will last no more than 9 days.

Thanksgiving morning. That way Bush can say how thankful we all are to have brave men and women fighting for our future.

Doh! i have to actually be closest without going over to scream like an idiot and run down the isle?! *walks from isle back to corner

We lost men in the “Afghan War” as well…they installed their guy and now they control Afghanistan as well so they benefited two fold. Got rid of the Taliban and now have their puppet in charge! Rockafella :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to take the time to remind everyone that both Bin Laden and Hussein are only as powerful as they are because of America. the Taliban was funded by America, because they were supposedly fighting Communist Russia. Hussein was chosen by the US to be the leader of Iraq to replace another currupt dictator. Both factions have a long history of business with american weapons manufacturers. C’mon guys, do you think that camels came up with these weapons designs?

I picture a worldwide classified article reading something like this:

Outdated American war technology being sold to make room for new weapons. No resonable offer refused. Yes, we speak arabic.

in the immortal words of homer simpson: It’s funny, cuz it’s true… :slight_smile:

Majeye, as in, “the gift of the ____”

Well, believe it or not, i was once completely blind to the truths of the world, and this was until very recently. I voted for Bush, although i am no longer proud of that fact. I guess the turning point happened the day i read a certain post entitled, “the cure for cancer”. It led me to your site, and after reading about the supression of vitamin B-17, the untimely death of John O’Neil, The Retarded Functioning of Air Defense during 9/11, i was able to come to the conclusion that the Internet is a source for unbiased news, and that mass media is essentially propaganda. Couple all this input with the Comedy of Bill Hicks, and the Magazine called Adbusters, and you’ve got the recipe for turing a suburban white middle class male into a cynical conspiricist who shakes his tiny fist at a government who will squash him if he attempts to publically exercise his rights to free speech.

Viva la Capatilism!

I’m not a muslim so I don’t know the dates, but I’m guessing the last day of ramadhan (their religious holiday where they can’t eat for like a month) so they’re starving more than usual and the time when they all pray towards meccah. They won’t be at their gun posts and they’re usually huddled up in temples, thats a good time to ACCIDENTALY have 300 men’s fingers slip and press for the rockets to fire.

After that, the war should last about 2 days assuming bush jr. is smart enough to get the israeli’s to use their IIA to assassinate hussein. Once the big man falls, the rest will fall.

As for casualties, if my plan works 0, if not, then i’m guessing about 3491.5.

Just a reminder that George, Saddam, and Osama are avid Flashers. They faithfully frequent the Kirupa site and shall, undoubtedly, use our insight herein to better craft warfare strategy. We are not alone. :evil:

Now, who needs CNN when we’ve got :goatee: