The Kirupa Warcraft Tournament!

Hey guys i was thinking about the fact that alot of people on kirupa have WC3. In which i was thinking maybe we should hold our own tourniment! I want to see if i can get this started asap

Heheh, just re-installed yesterday and won against human (1 on 1)… Also played Who’s the Vamp (as vamp) and won [my minion vamp froze the marines to death]… Also victorious against the AI

I have warcarft… but not the extention…


so you guys are interested? i guess we can hold a ROC and TFT torni as well

I’d join in, I was pretty good at war3,
but I’m to lazy to install it again… Oh well, volcon and I would pwn you all :krazy:

I dont know grinch me and necro have some great teamwork, we have stategies that you can actually see it working out as planned. I like playing with necro more than I did with Newdrunk (some guy who plays 24/7) because it just seems like we are actually winning due to our stategy choices. Newdrunk wouldnt listen to me and it costed us some games :td:

The Rules of the Game have been made by Mua!.. now we just need some Judges…

  1. the Tourniment will go in triangle in a 2v2 gameplay as a team you recieve credit thoughout

  2. If you leave, YOU MUST EXPLAIN IN A THOUGH EXPLAINATION WHY YOU LEFT. If not, the battle is considered a forfiet by the leaving team.

  3. for the first few rounds it will be your choice of what you choose to use as your Army whether Night Elf, Undead, Orc or Human. in the Semi Finals the Game will change to a Pre-Formatted Game were the Team is given the Army of which they are to use in the game. in the Finals: the Team will play in a ALL RANDOM game.

  4. Winner Recieves … absolutly nothing except the fact that they won! :skull:

[size=4]The Attendies of the Tourny:

[u]**[size=2]Gh0st -V0lcon[/size]**[/u][size=2]
[u]**Grinch- em0i **[/u][color=Red][/color]
[u]**Mxnecromancer- Necromancer03**[/u]
[u]**Cheesyx - cheesy_x**[/u]
[u]**T-0 - name missing:

Behemoth-Dan - Behemoth-Dan
Comon people we need more to Play this tourny!

There was another tournament started in the Battle section and I told them to come here so that should give us one or two more

“Cheesyx - name Missing:”

Cheesy_x is also my battlenet name

Thansk ghost that will come usful :beam:

I would love to throw down!!

Awesome! all i need is your Bnet name and we get ourselves another player!

Behemoth-Dan. :slight_smile:


well we got 6 people… that’s good, since i want to stretch this a bit. maybe whuold should have 3 battles per team game. best 2:3 basically

Aight guys might as well choose your teammembers. I’ll do this with Ghost

With gh0st?!
Oh well, then I pull out of the torney, cuz’ gh0st is the only person who I work good with… Good Luck guys!

wait, who knows maybe ghost wants to do somthing else, i’ll find another team mate if that’s the case

you take him, I’ll just be a spectator.

Dropping out before we even start? :frowning: