|the most IMPRESSIVE flash i have ever seen|


does anyone have any idea on how to make that!?

No idea :slight_smile:
Looks like some duplicated mc’s with different alphas ‘n’ stuff…
How’d you find that one?

that is pretty flash that

there are some dudes in the world that for sure

eyez is right on the money I think. I believe that it’s a movie clip which is reproduced using mathmatics to produce semi random patterns of shape and alpha.

i have a feeling that a lot of it was also low res images of 3d objects. similar to the way i did my chair. except dince they were gonna be all vut up they could make the file size really small.

anyone else think the combination of shabby music and annoying length and shakiness was just plain annoying? heh… maybe its me.

This falsh site is unique and trhe resaon for it popularity is that the image formed is bsed onthe music played.

the image is like a fractal art, where every thing keps on repeating itself to give a certain shape or formation.

Yes those are duplicated movieclips, but the are generated according to the musi playing. its calculated according to the wavelenght etc… i dont have the exact info on this.

But those guys really rock.
It does seem to be crapy at first look, but the technology and concept behind it is truely Amazing :slight_smile:

well yeah… understand that but i can make a really technical 3d render of nothing and it still turns out to be nothing… in the art field barely anyone appreciates teh ammount of work involved over the final product. and those who do usually CAN do it or something similar so its not “great” after its reproduced. we are constantly striving to create new and stunning effects. i guess what im saying is its kewl technology but it still looks stupid. and i thought flash was more about art that programming… he could have made a nicer image and tech’d it up a bit like derbauer.de

u have heard of that site havent you?

THEY rock. kewl effects… clean design… fast loads. chilling music. randomness… everything.

art is what ever the art community wants it to be. SO in this case insertsilence is art. :slight_smile:

Are you positive the image is assembled based on the wavelengths? Why would they call it “animation” at the end then? Seems to me like it was drawn ahead of time, and yes, it was kind of long.


someone agrees =] i personally dont care how long it took or how hard it was to make it looks like shnit to me =]

From a technical point of view, that animation is really cool. Actually, the animation is not bad from a visual stand point either. I wish I could create animations something like that lol!

Fractles aren’t that hard to program the computer to produce… I think that there is a good explination in “New Masters of Flash” that covers drawing stuff randomly but in patterns, on the screen.

Also, if you not my snowflakes, often there are two or three close to each other traveling in the same way, along the same route. It’s eery when that comes out of randomness. Use it, play with it… the random number generation abilities of flash are one of the coolest features.

Wow, great find!

That must’ve taken a very long time to make…

Looks easy enough to me - just straight math, sound sync and 16 movieClips all controlled by one offset MC which also adds random alpha settings and speed.

Have a go yourself . . . you’ll find that its easier than it looks!