The Most Simple Way to Convert Flash SWF Movies to Mobile Devices(iPod,iPhone,PSP...)

Just four steps, you can convert the flash swf to the formats that you need. If you think this is a useful guide, please share with your friends. This tutorial is copyrighted by****, please indicate the source.

“How to put the online flash swf movies to my mobile devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, Zune, PSP, and etc?”
“I saw a very interesting flash swf movie online, and I want to put it into my iPod Touch so I can share it with my friends, but I don’t know how”
“I often play the online flash swf games, and I want to share my own game guide on YouTube with the gamers, but I don’t know how”
We often encounter such questions, but in my eyes, it is so easy! Now let me share you the most convenient method
Step 1 Download and install Moyea swf to video converter pro
First we need to download Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro — the most powerful and professional flash swf shareware, and the trial version offers the full function. (A watermark will be added on the export movies by the trial version). you can download here:
Moyea swf to video converter pro
After installation, there will be two application icons on your desktop

Step 2 Start the program,input flash swf movies
Double-click the application icon”Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro”. The trial version will show the registration interface, click “try” to skip it.

After entering the interface,click“Browse”, choose appropriate methods to input flash swf files on the popup menu.

From Folder: input files from local folder
Grab SWF : use the freeware Moyea Flash Download to download the online flash swf,then convert it (the guide of this method will be introduced later)
From IE cache : input from IE cache。
From URL : input the URL of the flash swf ((This method is particularly effective for those cannot download flash SWF)
Flash Projector: input .fla files
Step 3 check the file information,set the export format
After inputting flash swf movies, you can preview it on the left window, and the file information will be shown on the right window.
Please note the “total frames”, it is the frames of the flash swf, not the time length of the flash swf. Most of the flash swf files will be shown 1 or just a few frames, and most of the other software can not correctly convert these flash swf files. This is the why I recommend Moyea swf to video converter pro

Click ”2 Export” to the next step,set the export format,export quality and export location

Moyea swf to video converter pro provides a lot of preset scheme for the most popular mobile device, you just need to select the name of the device, and you will get the right video format for the device. For example, if you want to convert the file to YouTube accepted video, just select flash video, show as following:

Step 4 Convert Video
After video format setting, click “3 Converter”, then click “play and capture” on the capture interface, flash swf movies start to play, and the software start to record at the same time. After the play, click finish

Then, the encoding process starts, and after a while, the conversion will complete. Confirm the “Conversion Success” and the output folder will pop up automatically. Now the rest is to enjoy your fancy!