The Pains of College Life

Sophomore year - a rough one. This is a time when you have to worry about getting into your major at the end of the school year, and perhaps more importantly - Where the HELL am I going to live next year?!

Housing has been a huge pain in the arse for me this year. I’m in supplemental housing currently, which is a whole buncha guys thrown in a small study lounge. It’s been fun though, real fun, and we don’t want to leave now. There’s only a few guys left now, and we’ve got room to run now. But they won’t let us stay here … so they say.

On top of the question of where I’m going to live come the spring semester, I’ve been in the middle of a very grueling apartment hunt. Which place has a better location? which has the better features? and which one costs the least? all come into play.

Now I get an e-mail from Penn State telling me they have an opening with the apartment complex the athletes all stay in that I can move into. I can’t make a decision on that before I know if I will be able to stay in this supplemental room.

Oh, and did I mention all the papers, assignments, and finals that I have to worry about?!

Man … this college stuff just sucks