The R Projekt

Hello, i am starting this thread to give following to my webpage as well the webpages of the people that is helping me.

Basicaly the project consists of a little site about me, it includes some animations and special effects that i have in mind. I wish that not only volunteers participate here, anyone that wants to help will be welcome.

1- First i will start with the pixel art, i want to animate this girl

this is the basic model

and this is some “pulishing”

I want to create a Character that represents a Female Snowboarder, it needs work with the pants, with the shoes, with , the face ¬¬ i hate those eyes that i copied from a char generator that i saw in some place on the internet

2- This is part of the design, a custom snowboard

I think its finished and i really liked the design, i wanted it white but Ubermensch told me that i would lose it very quick and its truth :stuck_out_tongue:

3- The Name Of the character is Rawker, and i need a logo for it: “RAWKER” but i cant think about anything =/

4- the Flash website is on development in around 35%, i will post the url the next week because i want to fix some things before i make it public.

ok i think thats it, for the moment =P