The Slide Presentation hates me!

It’s got something against me, I tell ya! This is the first time I’veusing the Flash Slide Presentation and I can’t figure out why my AS2 won’t run.

//Main slide is named "mySlide"
//Button on mySlide has an instance name of "myBtn"

//this works
myBtn.onRollOver = function(){
      trace("It's working!");

//this does not
myBtn.onRelease = function(){

//Why doesn't my code work?

I have other questions as well:

  1. Is it possible to make a template which always stays above the content? I want to add a menu which is visible on all slides.
  2. I applied slide transitions using Behaviors (cool stuff btw). But when the transition begins, the previous slide always disappears first. Is it possible for the previous slide to remain while the new slide transitions over it?

Thanks so much!