The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

So has anyone else seen it? I went opening day last week.

I thought it was more funny than anything else. Lee Ermey is the man. There aren’t many other people I could say I’d like to have a beer with more than that guy. A little light on the chainsaw shankings.

[spoiler=Chainsaw Love]Only 3! Out of all the people smoked in that movie…piss poor IMHO[/spoiler]

In typical TCM fashion, the first death was a total shocker and head scratcher.

My one complaint was the blood. My god, the blood. The only time i’ve seen victims bleed more was in the Kill Bill movies. According to the director, the human body can hold as much blood as a 55 gallon drum. :stare: Not scary… stupid.

I would say save your $10 and additional $15 for snacks and wait for the DVD.