The weather is F'ed up

well, i don’t know for where you all live, but right here in belgium the weather is seriously f*cked up. in july, we were lucky to have 2 days of sunshine or so, all the other days were rainy as hell. right now i’m looking at the temp and it’s readin’ about 34° Celsius (about 94° Fahrenheit) and that’s the way it has been for some days now. For this weekend they’re predicting another heat wave. it just came to the point where it has become pretty unbareable :slight_smile:

so, how’s the weather where y’all live?

a lot of (and i really mean A LOT) of sunny season greatings from belgium :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in Ottawa, Ontario, and the weather here has been terrible. Right now people are wearing jackets because it’s pretty cold for summer. We haven’t had any stretches of good weather. Brutal.

right now 94 degrees is comfortable here in sunny florida, USA.

70 degrees, 6 mph wind, 55% humidity and mostly sunny
in fact i have no clue why i am here on my comp!
@RuffRider man i feel bad for you

It’s ~30 C here… kinda hot but the summer came a bit late

njs is somewhere in the US right now and he says it’s over 40 C all the time there

Just this morning, here in the Philippines, there were torrential showers and apparently resulting in a flood close by, but because of the heat/humidity, it all dried up before noon, when it was sunny and bright.

Here we can have the best and worst weather all in a single day, sometimes even before lunch.

87 degrees in Mobile, AL! It stays fairly hot/warm year round, so this isn’t anything new for me :slight_smile:

It’s been a cold summer here :frowning:

The weather is rediculous here. Beginning of the week it was 85 or so, next day was around 85 as well, wednesday was 65, yesterday was 68, and they’re expecting it to be in the 80’s today. Gah, I freaking hate our weather here.

Last month’s weather here in Indiana was all rain. Recently it’s been pretty sunny and nice.

It was a little chilly this morning though…

It’s cold out where I am. The weather this summer has been brutal and very strange.

A couple of weeks ago a nearby town had a massive flood. Apparently the same thing happened to that city 2 years ago but it wasn’t as bad. Friends of mine who live there had their cars float down the street and end up piled ontop of one another.

I live on top of a hill, so I don’t ever have to worry about flooding!

Same here.

They said that this was like a once every 100 year flood but the same thing just happened to them two years prior. I think mother nature is trying to tell us something.


You live in Belgium?!

Didn’t know that…Anyways, you must live in de Kempen area right, because they said on the news that’s the hottest part of Belgium… Over here, closer to the coast, it’s not really that hot…it was worse last summer.

hell yeah i live in belgium :slight_smile:

i live in bree, most north-eastern part of limburg, just going crazy right here :slight_smile:

[Dutch]In Bree? Heh, ik ben overlaatst nog met school naar één of ander Europolis-project gegaan in Brussel (Europees Parlement), en daar was ook een school van Bree… Coole mensen, schone meiskes en één toffe gast :stuck_out_tongue: Efkes terzijde :)[/dutch]

Here in So. Cal. it’s 11:30 a.m. and a nice 75 degrees, though that 75 will turn into 90 before the day is over.

This has been wizard with your weather report. :sigh:

Im in boston, where the weather has been TERRIBLE all summer! But then again boston weather ALWAYS sucks. Its so humid, you sweat just sitting outside on an 80 F day. My girlfriend just came back from Las Vegas, where she said it was more comfortable in the 115 degree weather, cause it wasnt so disgustingly humid.
Recently its been cold and rainy and grey.