The WoW thread!

Now, I’m not sure how many people will actually use this, but I thought that maybe we should have just a thread dedicated to WoW. I noticed that in my time here and as a WoW junky, most all threads on other MMO’s go straight back to WoW! So I thought we(The WoW’ers) should have a special place to go in order to talk about all things WoW, to have a safe haven where we can be loved and feel safe in the face of real life! So rejoice! Discuss my friends! Feel loved and remember… Whether you think you can or can’t… you’re right! /familyguy

[whisper]I guess this thread would be mostly used by me, Vex, and Skinny :lol:[/whisper]

I don’t think the Rogue and the Warrior were, but the priests had some mad healing gear on, because their mana was barely going anywhere with all the heals that had to throw out there.

And its on

I’m curious on how the socketed items will work… Can anyone do it? or will someone need to socket it for you… It would sort of put enhanters out of a job if just anyone coud do it. IMO that is.

There will be a new profession for making jewels.

I know they make the jewels, but can anyone socket them?

im pretty sure anyone can. cause from what I’ve seen you can buy jewels aswell

Grar(gnome - lvl17 - rogue) @ Darkspear
Grir(gnome - lvl14 - warrior) @ Darkspear