The mystery!

I searched the forums and here are the threads thus far…



In perusing the (Amazing!) Bauer website, I stumbled upon some older content which listed their primary skills:

Flash (duh, you knew this one I’m sure)
Real3d(i don’t know if this is theoretical skill or a program or what)
Lightwave 3d

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about these programs, but I did a little research and they are pretty high end. Go to their appropriate websites and you’ll see a LOT of movies, tv cartoons/shows, and other media use this stuff to animate. I didn’t see ANY reference to After Effects (although I’m sure it could attain a similar effect?)

Here are the issues I’d like to learn from the site
Obviously this stuff is bitmap intensive bc there’s no way this stuff is vector-based. How do they keep the filesize down? I think the entire site(from what I could gather out of my cache) is around 1.5 Mb. On that note, do they pretty much eliminate a low-band (56k modem) market? Also, the images are pretty **** crisp… second to none in my opinion. Even
Billy Bussey’s Website isn’t THAT clean and crisp and his is downright amazing.

Let’s talk it up peoples :slight_smile: This is the direction I’m sure many would like to learn how to move in the web!