Flash and After Effects

How do I use after effects effectively with flash? Meaning that I would like to make some cool transtions like how they have on sixtailer.com, simplyinteractive.com, and other various sites. Also making the file small enough for web use, etc.

Anyone got any tips, or a links to a tutorial or something? =D

just use ae as you would normally(especially if you are attempting to recreate effects such as the sites mentioned) after you have created your video from AfterEffects use sorenson squeeze application to compress that to flv (flash video) which i heard works well.

u can make it small enough for website usage but sites that uses after effect have huge loading times, I would love to make a site using AE but its not generally a good idea, especially if more that a half of ur country population uses crappy connections :frowning:

not necessarily. If you plan your site well and use in moderation you can have a good site with good load time using ae. The most common mistake I see made often if improper use. Alot of the effects can be done with simple tweens of images prepared in PS. saving bandwidth. I guess knowing when to use AE is the best explanation.

u r totally right, a good example is kigot.com (I think its down for the moment), but as u said it, the common mistake its improper use, which is unfortunately most of the sites…

thanks dudes. i just talked to tim (electrongeek, infinatidude or whatever the hell his name is now) and he gave me some tips but i think I will just use AE for simple tweens and effects and such. But if anyone has anymore tips, please post. :nerd:

for simple tweens dont use AE…especially if it can be done in flash w/PS

When you export to .swf - ae has an option that says would you like to ignore effects?

Ignore means to ignore those cool plugin effects that flash can’t make.

Make sure RASTER is checked so then the images won’t be just tweens and opacity and scale changes. Raster will make sure effects like ripple and lightning will work :).

Where can i find this Sorenson squeeze? Or an other program that can do the same as Sorenson Squeeze? For free? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love google


I already found that website, but i want it for free :wink:

Well if you want it free you best pm people about it now announce it to all the world.:wink:

You just need some money! Then you give them those pieces of paper and they give it to you…free :).

It’s also possible to make vector graphics in After Effects and export them as true .swf’s. So they’ll be very small. Won’t work for most effects though.