Theatre poster

edit: (December 10th) check much below for the recent work

Okay here’s the deal - in my high school there is typically every year a play we put on in english (remember I live in frogland, surrounded by french people) which is on for a week in january… even though I play I also do the poster work…

This year’s play is called ‘Comic Potential’ by Alan Ayckbourn… I don’t think any of you know him (well maybe a few random brits around here do) - anyway the play is set in the future, and is about ‘actoids’ (actor androids) which get screwed up playing their sitcom (they start mixing up words and doing otherthings that human order them too)

the nurse on my poster is the central character…

Now the reason I post this here is because I wan’t people who can criticize the posters and help me make the best out of it, since this is going to be printed in 2000 A3 size posters…

(the vote is just too see which one you like best)
(click on the images to see bigger versions)

V1 V2[url=] V3[url=]

thanks a lot :bu: (god I was away for too long, I missed new smilies)[/COLOR]

Hmmm hard to choose. Why don’t you use all three? That’d be cool having different versions around.

If I had to choose it’d probably be 1, I think it’s got the best composition.

You did a good job on cropping her out by the way :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

I voted one because it seems to have the most balance and the pose is better. I almost voted 3 just because you used the word “karaaang” but they are all good

number three. i just like it the betss.

it was hard, but i like two, her pose is better in that one than the rest
how do you have the cast already for a play in january?
they all look great by the way!!

actually we choose the cast later on in the year and have two month to rehearse, make/buy props and get prepared…

but since i’ve been doing it for the past two years one of the teacher who’s in charge asked me to make the posters…

i’d like to have the three different version, but I think it might cost more to print - I’ve gotta ask…

so the girl on the poster isn’t in the play?

I know Alan Ayckbourn. :slight_smile: Read a lot of his work, he’s a great writer. :slight_smile:

Personally I like the first one best, followed by number three. I think the broken leg image is good, with the theatrical connection. :slight_smile:

Yeldarb: nah - she’s just an (ugly) model - but we needed someone over 18 to use the photo, and she used to be in the school -

kit, I knew someone would know the old guy, I think he received and honor or something from the queen and he’s something like Sir Alan Ayckbourn - which makes the distinction of course =) !

why don’t you use this pic? wait i’ll post it…

ahah nick, i was expecting something…different, but tahts funny :stuck_out_tongue:

we sorta wanted to do something like that but making the robot look always screws everything up…

I voted for 2 it kind of scared me. Where is she planing to stick that thremomater?