Thinkquest launched looking for members

Hey you want to be involved in something exciting for the next few months that could allow you to win a free trip, stay in a four star hotel, win a laptop and even a digital camera all in one go then Thinkquest international is the right thing for you.

Its an international competition where hundreds of young people your age enter every year. for these same excitiing opportunity. I too was a winner. And it was really exciting. Especially, if you have never travelled or travelled to the US its a good first experience to have Oracle Education Foundation take care of u!

Let me know if you are interested. I’ll hook you up with my team or another team.

Check out my profile to see my heavy invovlement in these competitions.

Ah well … I especially want to hoiok up with people age 15 and under from anywhere around the world … just message me or IM me … and I will reply … this is a truly good opportunity … dont be left behind this is your time to shine … check out the competition details at

Hear from you soon … reply … [email protected]

I am looking for about three team members … 15 and under would be good. but if 19 and under thats quite fine.

let me know asap