This brings back memories!

Found these while randomly looking up something :stuck_out_tongue:

Who all here even remembers these logos in their old/retro state?

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Or remembers when software came in boxes?


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Did you keep that box all these years?

cant bring myself to throw it away.

You should frame it.

The Adobe offices more or less did that. You can see the logos of flash kirupa posted in the background of my desk photo:

Err… slight variation of. I can’t remember which one came first.
(Edit: guess its one in the same: - I do remember those posters being very similar except a change in version numbers)

They had similar framings for most of the other Macromedia apps too. Eventually they got replaced with something less interesting.

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There are many interesting details on the cover.

  1. In the background, a fat tv, not a monitor, displays what looks like an underwater scenario.
  2. Internet animators want to animate crabs.(on old cellulose film)
  3. It depicts what a futurewave looks like in the bottom.
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I didn’t know Flash was a contraction of Future Splash.

And SWF backwards is FWS… FutureWave Software. And ‘FWS’ are the first 3 bytes of every uncompressed SWF file. Wonder why???

When I was at Adobe there were a few places on the intranet you could look to see all of the old logos and download all of the old versions of Flash / FutureSplash / etc… Fun times as an intern…

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I do wonder why. Do you mean to tell me that SWFs are needlessly 2 bytes larger than they need to be?!

Wow pretty fun information. I didn’t realize that box was flash’s ancestor.

I’ve never seen that before, but the roll of film waving along is so “1990s software” to me. One of the first flash animations i made was actually a crab that looked very much like that one, funny

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[quote=“senocular, post:6, topic:634674”]
You can see the logos of flash kirupa posted in the background of my desk photo:[/quote]

I get the few toys, but what it with the extreme amount of bubble wrap?

Wow that was an awesome trip of memories, I feel like busting out my Apple QuickTake 100 and having a party of fancy yesteryear.

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Sen’s desk could have used a bit more bubble wrap haha! :stuck_out_tongue:

This was right before they moved me, so I was in the process of gathering wrap for the big pack-n-move. Bubblewrap is precious to me. :hugging:

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I may have found a toy senocular doesn’t have at his desk! I found this inside a wall recently

I used to have one of those. But sadly, no more.

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If i can find it ill send it your way (if you want) i stupidly threw it in the corner and it might be thrown away by now, i found it like a month ago.

I also found hand drawn sketch’s, i believe drawn around the 1950s stashed in a ceiling cavity. I would post them but they are adult themed. Super funny and interesting though. I can imagine some kid drawing them before that kind of stuff was available, stashed away …60 years later i open the vault, pull a computer from my pocket connected to space and take color pictures as i go about my day.

Have you found a singing frog yet?

Please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about.

I remember not knowing why or what that frog was years ago. I still don’t know

That vid reminds me, i forgot how strange and violent looney toons actually was. Id like to sit down and watch some old episodes some day. I guess that’s the premise of itchy and scratchy.