This is not least 4 me

I have a movie clip with buttons that loads different movie clips(one at the time) into a target and this loaded clip are an xml photogallery.
I have a menu with buttons in the main clip(the one that load the clip with the gallery) and each one load a different MC in the target.
The loaded MC are an infinite photogallery provided by the great Stringy and i am just using the next and previous button(not the thumbnails with the infinite effect) , my problem is that i have other button in my main MC in which i wanna the loaded MC infinite photogallery to go and load the xml to a specific pic …basically i want the button to trigger the loaded MC/photogallery to load the gallery and show …let’s say pic 3.
I don’t have a clue how to do it , if someone can give me an idea or a tutorial i would really appreciate it.
I am posting the fla and the xml of the gallery
Thanks a lot