This place is the best!

Only been here for a month or so but…
Thanks to Kirupa and all that contribute and all that lurk here! Very friendly environment and dependable when you have a problem/question. Probably the most resourceful forum/site I’ve ever been on.

Could a Mod please delete this thread? Mod needed… Phil, rev?? no one?

bans the mods

Why would you want to delete this thread? Is it really bad to show appreciation towards a site that you like. I hope you were kidding.

and yes, I was kidding. Just too lazy to look up the sarcasm tag again.

:slight_smile: Thought so…

No need to move/delete/lock this thread!
At least he’s telling the truth

Yep, he sure is

awligon deleted

woops! I meant to delete the thread! Oh well, Im just too lazy to go back and change it now :stuck_out_tongue: