This site is supposed to use Audio and Text scrolling but here is the tricky part

Hey everyone,
Im working on a website that is supposed to be a training center for nurses. As you can see by the screenshot there is a menu that consists of a whole bunch of different sections. When they click on a section in the case of the screenshot its section three it loads the flash movie that is for that section. Now this is what im having trouble with their is a text scroller and a audio clip that are supposed to match eachother perfectly. So everything in the text scroller appears as the girl is reading it. Its supposed to do all this while giving the person the option to rewind. The only way i can think to make it rewind and both of those to stay in sync is to take the Audio file which is about 15 min long and split it into a whole bunch of audio files and make it so that when they click back it just goes to the audio file before and so on. I think that should work but it seems like a needless pain if anyone can offer any suggestions.