Threads disappearing in the Best of Kirupa?

Am I crazy? Where’s Supra’s explanation of arrays that Jubby posted? And I’m sure there others that have disappeared…

:q: :q: :q:

i cant find it too :x

someone must have deleted it.

I know, I apologize for that. It happened on a cold, sunny day and I was quite bored…so i was messing around with the forums and got a few threads deleted.

Kirupa :evil:

J/K!! Actually, the forums only display posts added within the past 30 days. There is a little drop-down menu when you are in the best of kirupa forum. Select “From the Beginning” instead of 30 days. You’ll see all the posts.

Kirupa :rambo:

Kirupa, you little joker :stuck_out_tongue:

oh thats right, I found that out the other day, forgot all about it.

:+) :crazy: I learn new things every day…