Thumbnail slider, center selected thumbnail

I’m currently trying to create a thumbnail slider that gives text detail about each image that slides out when the current image is selected. I’m trying to replicate the one located on the main page. I’ve roughly got everything in except I’m having one issue. I want the selected thumbnail to center itself to the stage. Right now if the user selects an image that is slightly off stage, then they have to use the slider to scrub over to view it. I would love for it to automatically adjust to center itself to the stage, and the slider bar to update as well. There are 8 images all located in a main movieclip. So the main movieclip would need to adjust its position, but how to get the position of the selected clip? Could anyone help me out?

I’ve include my rough working file. Any help at all would be much appreciated. I’ve been spinning my wheels on this for days now with no headway.