Tile based isometric game problems

Hi all,

I’m doing the Tonypa tutorials at the moment to learn how to make a good tile based game. Everything is going fine, but I stumbled across a nasty problem:

I’m making an isometric office environment for the character to walk through, and next to all the standard tiles I want to add objects, like plants, desks, chairs etc. My current problem is that these objects always need to have the size of 1 or multiple tiles to be allright with the collision detection…

I tried making the tiles a smaller resolution to be able to form objects out of multiple tiles, but this makes the game very, very slow.

I’m certain there must be some kind of quick solution. Can anyone help me please?

Also I’m searching for an easy array-creation program like arraypainter, problem is that the site is down and his great looking tool (saw some screenshots) is nowhere to be found…