Time delay with alpha fade in for text

Hi all,

I was looking at another thread about time delay where Voetsjoeba (my hero! :love: ) suggested this code to help someone move their MC to another location after a time delay:

onClipEvent (load) {
_x = 200;
_y = 200;
apause = function () {
_x = 400;
_y = 200;
move = setInterval(apause,3000)

I was wondering if something like this could be used to make MCs of text appear with an _alpha fade in but delayed - like one item appears then the next beneath it then the next beneath it and so on. Is this a good way to do that or no? Would the _alpha fade in be better actionscripted or tweened?

thanks for any comments!


Hi all,

Hopefully Voets will see this . . .

But if not - maybe someone else can help me! :smiley:

This worked great on my own machine but now that it’s uploaded to the web the buttons are REALLY slow to appear and they are staggered. As in the first couple show . . . then wait a long time . . . then a few more . . . wait . . . few more.

It’s horrible! Any clue as to what is wrong or is it a problem with file size or what?

thanks for any help!