Time: Greenwich


how do you set up time to show Greenwich current time?


yes, i do know how to show the visitor’s current time…

There is not a way that I know of to do that, you can always have a clock show but it will only show Greenwich time if the user is connecting from a Greenwich timezone!

I wrote a tutorial on making clocks in Flash MX (the tutorial works for Flash 5 also). It reads the time off of the viewers computer, so no matter where you are at, it will display the time in that area.

Clock Tutorial

There is the link to the tutorial if you want to check it out.

what if you retrieve the pc’s time zone? like: (GMT -06:00) Central Time(US & Canada) and calculate the differences… is there a way to call the time zone setting through flash… i know it will be different settings through different OS, but once one side is discovered and known to be possible, we can work the others…


Maybe if you have a pull down menu with a list of time zones the user can pick and then determine the time from that either adding or subtracting hours!

I could do that, but I don’t know the hourly difference in time zones. Or even where certain time zones begin and where certain time zones end.

Go to most forum user preferences and where you select your time zone it shows them all!

Awesome, I will most certainly do that one day. Hopefully one day very very soon, when I get enough free time.