Timeline scripts - best practice

Hi there,

I’d like to know what is the best practice for actions I want to execute when reaching frames on the Timeline.
Is it better to not have any script and to write an enter-frame listener inside the document class?

For example, I have movieclip “mcBall” on frame 10, and I’m on frame 1. In the document class I set an MouseEvent.CLICK listener for the button:

function ClickBtn(event:MouseEvent){

It does not work as I have to be first on frame 10 and enter that frame before being able to access the init() function from “mcBall”. So I am forced to put a script on frame 10:


What is the workaround for that kind of situation? To have a constant enterFrame listener on the document class checking the frame number we are on? Would that not slow down the movie?

Thanks for your help.