Timeline transitions between external swfs

I read the tutorial about timelime transitions between external swfs and it works perfectly on in flash but when loaded on the web it doesnt work at all.

Was wondering why this is.

I embedded the button code from the tutorial in my script for the xml menu I am using and it works in flash flawlessly but when I push it to the web on my server it doesnt work at all.

Can anyone help me with this…


Check your paths. If something works offline but not online, then it’s most likely the paths.

heres the thing though

it loads the first swf that is stated in the actionscript for the transitions, but when I click a button it doesnt load any others.

gotoFunction is the function that is called from the as code from the xml menu. Link stands for the variable of what the swf is.

gotoFunction = function (link) {
if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
_root.currMovie = link;
} else if (_root.currMovie != link) {
if (_root.content._currentframe>=_root.content.midframe) {
_root.currMovie = link;

I think it is my understanding of timeline depths that is screwing me up.


that is the link to view it on the web.

The files you sent me work fine on my server: http://voetsjoeba.com/upload/index2.html. I wouldn’t know what’s wrong, they work perfectly here.

hey Voets,

how did you export those fla files. Did you export as flash 6 or 7 and is as 1.0 or 2.0.

That might be something Im doing wrong. Thanks for the reply

I exported it the way I got it, with the same player and AS settings. Lemme check … that would be … FP6 and AS 2.0 !? Try using either FP7 and AS 2.0, or FP6 and AS 1.0.

Sorry man,

Im a jack ***, i was calling index.swf from my html file that was an older version of index2.swf. It works great,

check it out: http://www.enoxmedia.com/index2.html

Hehe, glad you got it working ! Looks very nice by the way :slight_smile:

Just a note incase you were unaware of it, but your movie alignment is severly messed up in Firefox. Your only able to see a small portion of the bottom or your page.