Tiny Question about loading bar

hi there…
i have two file main.swf & home.swf
i want to put a loading bar into my main.swf and load the external home.swf into main.swf . how can i do so?? if posiable tutorial requested.



Are they what you’re looking for?

I had the same question. This link to “…transition” seem to be what I’m looking for, but there is one problem. Only the word “loading” appears there. It would be better if its going like this:


The preloader (bar, animation or what ever) should stay on the “doors” and it seem to be the same for every new ext. loaded swf.
Anybody have an idea how that works?

Well dude, 1st of all thankx for the help… i not exartly looking for loadmovie or transition but looking for a external preloader with loading bar.

well lets take a example of the transition when i click on any button it goes to the _root.transition and playes the “close frame” and there it start Loadmovie is used on that close frame to load a external movie. Yea thats righ… thats the way a external movie suppose to load. but i want the same way but with a loading bar. :slight_smile: other then only loading text appear.