To all members of Kirupa Cool Sites Forum!

I have seen and read many Forums, but this one is by far the friendliest and most supportive. Others such as UltraShock, which tears some people apart because of envy, is not a great place for gathering.

I could list a whole bunch of people here who have been supportive to others…but I realize there are so many, therefore I want list them (time constrainst gotta get back to my clients Web site, which I have been procrastenating on).

Just wanted to say kudos to you all. I hope this forum nurters designers and their sites as they grow in maturity and skill.



Hey Alex,
Thanks for the nice comments :slight_smile: I am glad you find the people here quite nice (I do too!).

Kirupa :rambo:

Be not fooled Alex - I am not nice at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just decided to not say anything unless I really liked someone’s site. I’ve been enjoying your critiques though and I agree with most of it (just say no to auto-maximize/full screen and needless pop up windows!).

Well now I know you didn’t like my work :wink:

But it is still better in this forum, because people don’t seem to be bashing each other out of jelousy, as they do in UltraShock.

Yes, I like it - but weren’t you ALREADY SOTW???

Yeah, but still you never said anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I just went there and now I remember what happened - I tried to check out the new Services/Portfolio section and nothing showed up - I was pretty sure it was because I lacked the latest flash plugin. I could have downloaded it but thought I’d do it later and just closed it… to say I’m lazy is an understatement.

I swear - I’ll do it later :stuck_out_tongue:

OK thats it, I am going to install the deployment kit for plugin detection, I was too lazy to do it, but will do it now.

Hey Ren I need you to help me. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE!!!
I have installed a plugin detection and you mentione dyou don’t have player 6 yet…can you please enter my site again and see if it detects it and what it does…please.