Toggle button AND movieclip color w/ button component

Howdy all:

Relatively new to this forum; hope you can help me out. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one.

I’ve got a project where I need to change the color of a movieclip AND the button itself based on which button is clicked. For instance, click the button labeled “Red”, and the button and a circle turn red. Click the "“Green” button, and the button and movieclip turn green.

I’ve got about half of it…sort of…thanks to a great tutorial here by [COLOR=#333333]senocular[/COLOR] and ** [URL=“”] [COLOR=#333333]kirupa[/COLOR]** and some other digging around the Net. It’s a little hard to explain where I am with it, but I’ve uploaded to The filename is ‘’. (would’ve uploaded it here, but it’s a little heavy, and upload file size is understandably limited). If anyone could have a look and let me know what I’m missing (and if it’s a relatively easy solution), I’d be very grateful…

Thanks in advance…