Tokyo Plastic v2

  • Amazing Swift 3D and crazy effects :).

Wow, do the Japenese know about cool sites!

Not this site again…

I can grow a grey beard by the time this site loads :snooze:

Lol D - Good point.

they have updated it… for all those that thought the first version was amazing… youd be amazed that it can be 10 times better… this rocks!!! (the transitions are what make the site good :))

i loooooove the drummachine!

repost :sigh:

I know the drummachine has been posted before, but the whole site? :slight_smile:

Merged threads.

Lol you guys are funny.

How do they do that?
I have swift 3D and that seems impossible.
With Ver. 4 comming out, by the look of it’s new features, it would be simple.
But it’s not out yet.

And you’re not :sigh:

Sharif - please do not spam the forums with useless comments :smiley:

Hey - I was just saying you guys are funny. What’s wrong with that? It was a comment to you 3…

Spam? I made this thread!

Gah whats the point, you can delete it can’t you :(.


It´s possible, Ive tried copying some of their stuff and its not that hard (I didnt get the same results but similar :P), u just need to practice, practice and more practice (and if u have some free time, practice) the hard part is have their cool ideas, oh and the sound :pleased:

Cool ideas, yes. But it takes eons for their site transitions, and even though they’re good, theres only so much time I want to waste looking at it. I mean, I waited about a minute and a half to get to the workshop section, and then I clicked one of the arrows, and it takes me back to the main page? I mean, I’d like to know what I’m clicking. Visually impressive, thats for sure, their site isn’t too stupid-friendly though :wink:

well, I think the idea behind that site is to impress the people with their transitions, they work as a portfolio -the transitions- same as neostream…

… I kinda liked version 1 better :frowning:

haha, just saw the product tour of Swift 3d 4… it has Tp’s Subwoofer tube guy on there for a split second

my bad, but they have updated it so i guess… im half right :)… they re did the site.