Sleepless Solutions High Impact 3D Site

hi everyone, this is my first time posting here. I hope you all like my design. A bit different but a clean blend of simple and high impact.


Sleepless Solutions

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I like your site. Did you make it in Plasma or swift 3d?

It is a very nice site. Very Simple and straight forward. Perfect for a client to navigate which is what you want. I don’t think it is site of the week material but it is very good:)

site was made with 3dmax. thx

hey I like the logo, very nice clean n simple

3dmax? I use 3dmax as well but rarely for sites due to bandwidth.
Optimization can be a nightmare!;(

Hmm, I’m confused by the first page…

If you DO NOT have high speed internet click here
All right, let’s look at the other one:
If you DO not have high speed internet click here
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

I found the same problem as Pom… :-\



But other than that I love the menu. I don’t know if I’m easily impressed or what, but the transitions killed me. On the other hand, the pure Flash part is a little bit dull (in comparison). And your font is blurred on my screen, sometimes.

But very good work, guys.

pom :slight_smile:

thx guys, the DO and DO NOT stuff was an update i did and just plain made a mistake. i have heard from a number of peeps that the text was blurred but strange i have 3 pc’s here and it was clear for me. maybe its cause im using lcd screens. i have cleaned some of it and will continue to do so until i have no more complaints. thx


didn’t look blurry for me either!

also, i wanted to do something different with the page transitions and i experimented with crazy content being displayed but myself and others thought i went overboard, hence the clean simple enterances of all my content.
thx again


SOTW or not SOTW, you have a good web site!
It’s like the Oscars nominations, if Spielberg had counted just on that little trophy he would have given up making movies a long time ago!:stuck_out_tongue:

I like the transitions, plus the subtle change of color for each section is a nice touch…

The text was a little small, and sometimes blurry (the holes inside the numbers 6/8/9 was filled in with black), but the majority of the site was fine.

Great Site! loved the concept, nice execution.


*Originally posted by 3dsound *
**3dmax? I use 3dmax as well but rarely for sites due to bandwidth.
Optimization can be a nightmare!;( **

do be afraid everyone to try different styles that may only be possible with max or lightwave or any other 3d app you use. export as swf or jpg image sequences and keep your eye on how many frames you have and you should be alright. this entire site is actually small compared to most 3d sites ive seen and on a high speed connection does not take long to load. im happy to help anyone who is interested.

also 3dsound your absolutly right. posting your site in places like this is where you can get all the possitive feedback you need to improve in all areas.


come on guys, hook me up with some more comments good or bad.