Tonypa's AS3 Tutorial help

I just finished the animated sprites tutorial from Tonypa’s latest tutorial on AS3 Tile base d games, and am thrilled to be learning it. AS3 is a though, challenging, learning curve from the other Actionscripts - for me (fyi :confused: ). And now I want to move forward by having my hero walk around the tile based world scrolling, but Tonypa has yet to come this far on his tutorials :’( . And right now I am little anxious and impatient and a little too very excited to wait for him to post the tutorial.

So I am asking if anyone would have an idea on how to have the tile based world scroll with the hero walking around the stage. I really appreciate ANY help or pointers on how to accomplish this. I am fairly new to this bitmap data stuff, and very new to AS3… so please try to explain it to me carefully, hehe.

Many thanks in advance

ps - or do I have to wait… :’(