Too advanced?

Well, maybe not for you guys, but me as an intermediate flasher?\r\rI want to make a game… A game like uninvited or shadowgate. (If anyone remembers those…)\r\rbasically, you have a game screen. On the screen are things you can click, like an image map. My plan for doing this is just using invisible buttons linked to different frames. Then around the outside will be four arrows, for moving left, right, back, and forward. These too will just be buttons the only problem is how do I keep them consistent for the whole movie, through all the scenes? Lastly will be an “inventory” in where items can be added to it, and will do different things based on the player’s location. \r\rTo see what I want my “inventory” to look like, please look at this game-\rPico’s School\r\r(note that this game is very violent and innappropriate… it just has a really cool inventory… and hell, it was even made with flash 3!)\r\rdo you guys know how to create those?

For the inventory, i think it would take just a whole bunch of if statements. The if statements could take care of the actions by checking what is inside the inventory.\r\rfor the buttons, just make a layer in the timeline and make it as long as how many frames you need. it should only have one keyframe in the begining. I think thats what you need. Not really sure.

ok, if then statements… but I’m not too good at coding… is there a good tutorial on if then statements? I don’t recall seeing one here but I could be wrong. \r\rThe only problem with leaving the buttons all on one frame is that where they link to will change every time. Is this another if then thing?\r

in that case, for the buttons, i guess you could use if statements but it would be complicated. as far as a tutorial goes, I don’t recall one here, but I could be wrong. everything I have learned thru if statments has pretty much been trial and error.

i find that arrays can take the place of a lot of if statements, especially in an inventory like that example.\rbasically when you click on an item to pick it up, it removes that item from the array and places it in another array.\rthen you can have an indicator (the inventory) that updates every time you pick up an item to keep it current.\rthere are many steps involved, too many to list here. just take your time putting it all together from the beginning. it will save you time in the long run.\r:) \rjeremy

Eh, I’m sorry, but I don’t quite know what an array is… :(\r\rIf you could point me in the right place to even start with as far as making an inventory, I would be very happy :)\r\rUnfortunately, I am not a…\r\r***masta flash programma***…D=16.topic\r\rthere is an explanation of arrays in this post. good luck