Tool Tips!

I know this was asked before on one of those 500000000 posts.\rAre tooltips that follow the mouse around a particular object like you see on your windows GUI simple \ronRollOver{\rstartDrag(;\rgotoAndPlay(“show”);\r}\r\ronRollOut{\rstopDrag(;\rgotoAndStop(“hide”);\r}\r\r\rdont seem to work for me.

hmmmm… I must think on this…

how about \r…\r\ron(rollover){\r startDrag(;\r“show”);\r}\r\r…\r\rthis is assuming the button is in a movie clip which you want to have a tooltip appear on a rollover (not in the tooltip movie itself).\r\rbtw, stopDrag(); doesn’t require any parameters. you can only drag one movie at a time, so it just stops whatever you’re dragging.\r\rdoes this help?

Thanks 'beener

Let me try it…I’ll let you know the outcome.\r\rThanks

That worked out PERFECTLY!!..a little suddle but with a little tweeking, it’ll be all good!\r\rthanks