anyone know about this site? I got an email from the cofounder inviting me to some webspace there.

Hello! I love your website and resources. Your flash source files have been very
useful to me over the years. Thanks for sharing them with the public.

To give back to you for the help you have given to me I would like to offer you
free hosting. You would have your own ftp account and
domain with unlimited bandwidth and space. ToolBlast is all about flash and
online application development. If you would like to help us out that would also
be appreciated. You can have your own personal homepage and staff page. We
recieve over 280 unique hits a day with over 250,000 page views and our mailing
list for beta testing is now at over 216 people last time I checked.

We are advertised on a few sites and will be advertising our services for our
major launch shortly.

Hope to hear from you and thanks once again!



I checked out the site
I didnt get too in depth with it but it goes on to say:

ToolBlast is a service that will be launching soon which assists with many tasks through the usage of online applications. The service is split into “developer” and “personal” applications. The developer apps help you with building, managing, and publishing a website while the personal apps help you organize data, mp3s, homework, to-do’s, and events.

ooo kay. Not quite getting that in my current half-asleep state. Ill have to come back to it tomorrow, but I thought Id shoot this out there for anyone else to check out.