Top of my site

ok i have been playing with so js and have i think made a nav that is ok

i just want to no if it works and is lined up ok

NOTE:::: ignore the links they will be changed

come on 18 looks and no “yes it is lined up” or “no it is not”

come on:sigh:

The “Home” button isn’t lined ok…could be my resolution though

hmmmm nevermind you said forget about your links…sorry

lol, no one ever reads the post the just click the link

JavaScript debugger says:
Line 44 (Object Expected)
Line 1 (Syntax Error)

Everything is lined up like it should be on my computer.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

How did you make the menu bar. I’ve been looking for something like that. Could you post the tutorial you were using or post the fla file?

allota Dinamic Drive Action going on

all dhtml

no flash

your the only person to notice i left his link in


what is the exact link to the exact items you used on your vice city page. I’m looking for a layout like that for a site I need to design.

Let me know.



i made the picture and coded the layout but the menu was edited (took a long time) from