Hey guys - 3000th post here at KirupaForums.

Just wanted to say it has been a thrill getting know you, a few of you have become good friends. I am looking forward to long lasting relationships both of a personal and business nature stemming from my involvement here.

This community has been a great support and catalyst to the development of my skills as both a graphic artist and a web designer/developer. My artistic side had laid dormant for quite a while until I stumbled across this place.

I look forward to the KirupaForum vs. Billy Bussey Battle coming to a poll this next week. Kirupa, Billy, Will, and I have put a lot of work into it and I hope its the spectacle that you are hoping for.

I also look forward to helping you in any way I can.

Thank you again.

you know, I have the power to make that post your first :bad:

teehee… :stuck_out_tongue:

What PR said +75.

I like this Kirupa place.

I blame google for getting me in here.

I hate hate hate google for that.

This kirupa thing is addictive, like rolling up a reefster…


Well done, 3000…a nice round juicy number!

pr: just wondering, how long have you been planning that post? :smiley:

Juicy? :huh:

looks at avatar
Aaah, juicy! :beam:

walks away, whistling nervously :whistle:

Awaits 5000

I’ll show ya juicy.



That’ll be like…Tomorrow evening or sumfin.

Lol :lol:


man, i feel like a newb.

1032? That’s no newb thing.


Congrats Pr :slight_smile:

i might reach 3000 by the time i am 97 yrs old… :thumb:

Haha you think 3000 is a lot?

looks at lostinbeta

Now that guy…whew. 18,497 - nothing that a couple of decades can’t handle right :ne:?

Congrats PR! I barely remember mine…you have helped so many people and sweated over the forums moth times than i can count. i cant wait for kF vs. BB!