please help me make sense of this

http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/saz.htm :cyclops: :q:

Hahaha, it is a love story! :stuck_out_tongue:


It is? amazing…

It’s a Coca Cola ad!!!

how you figure…i guess its like those Ink blot iq tests…everyone sees something different! :cowboy:

I see Coca Cola ads everywhere!!


thats because coca cola is the most recognized name brand in the world! plus they used the addicting stuff way back when to addict children…i think they still have little bits of that…coca…maybe i’m hallucinating and sleep deprivated

Actually, I’ve crossed over to this for the time being =)

Drinking it right now actually…

looks like it might be good… too bad I dont speak dutch.

Dutch???! Where?

It tastes excactly like Sprite… really…

I guess its not dutch… well its not english, or spanish, so im lost.

Ryall, where did you get that sick font in your footer, and where do you post,cause i never saw you before!:stuck_out_tongue:

-mike :cyclops:

It is the way of the jedi to remain in the shadows…obviously Ryall is a Jedi master! :rambo:

Gasp i understand my purpose in life now… big starry eyes