and now?

how about now?

what am i doing wrong??

ok then

Can you tell me the height and the wide of your swf?

300 width 60 height

anyway iam a spastic, thanx for your help anyway dude

can you load external movies for your footer?

Check the URL to your file. Is it correct?

*Originally posted by Soulty *
**can you load external movies for your footer? **

Soulty, its just a footer, not a website, what are you trying to do?

I checked the URL to the file, it is…


I don’t think the //footer.swf part is right.

Put I take it out and the URL still doesn’t work.


Seem’s like the movie is being loaded in the forum’s domain.

Yes, but h88, the file he is loading is saved locally on his server, so it should load the external content fine.

And I went to the URL and it doesn’t work that way either, and that would be completely locally, right :q:

Well, i pressed on the buttons, and the swf loaded just fine. :-\

I don’t get anything at all. Not even buttons.

It just is eternally loading.

I can see it too

Oh… odd.

Ha ha…

at least it isn’t with one of my sites… huh Lost?

I see it too…


LOL, this broke the cycle Rev :slight_smile: