Total html newbie needs guidance (beware, seizures and heart attacks may occure)

Errr… yeah, ok here I am typing along with my stupid problem. to start out, let me introduce myself. Hi I’m kiriakos kappa, a 25 age architect who is occupied in structural and interior design as well as appliance and funriture design. as you might very well guess I am familiar with many creative packages (flash included) but have no idea about how the internet actualy works.:nat:

So, proceeding to my “rediculous” query: I decided, a few weeks ago, to personalize my myspace profile, mostly to keep in touch with some people I don’t like to chat via messenger or skype and to have a popular place to showcast some of my work in means of 3d renders etc. as I wandered through the web I found many sites that provide you with scripts and stuff to make your myspace look (err…) nice… yeah… So I decided to cloack the whole thing and put all the info about myself into a swf file so that it looks organized and has fixed dimensions (so that the comments don’t get 5 pageheights tall and such)…

>I can’t make it work! sadly… I have no idea how to tell the flash from where to pick the data! so… Is there anyone out there amongst you who would know how I can tell flash from where to pick the data?