Total newbie - problem with loadMovie

hello all,

I have been lurking around this site for the past few weeks and have to say that you tutorials have helped alot. I have had a little formal training in Director (7.x) and have used Flash very little before the past few weeks. I have created the main site design in Photoshop and have started building the Flash site. After reading the “how to create a full flash site” tutorial, I thought I was golden in getting my interface to come together. However, i have hit a stumbling block that 2 days worth of fumbling hasn’t un-blocked.

I have my main site file. This is intended to load the bare basics with a preloader for each element (i.e. button bar, graphics bkgs and so forth). However, since I want the site to basically build in stages I want one element to finish animating before the next (i have found this more pleasing than everything being dumped on me at once as a viewer). To that end, after our logo loads (a movie clip in its own layer in the main timeline) I want its last frame to trigger the next animation in sequence which is the nav/button bar. I have created a swf file for the button bar and the empty movie clip in it own layer on the main timeline. No matter what I do, I cannot get the swf file to load into the proper location. Here is the closest I have gotten:

loadMovie(“movieclipname.swf”, "_root.mainmenu’);

i have used the stop command here because I want the logo animation to stop rather than repeat. Is this wrong? I have tried this without the stop(), but no go. Thanks in advance…

This is a very common question. If you search the posts you should find something to help you. Otherwise this might

I did use search eariler and didn’t find much that shed light…maybe I was just tried :wink: Either way, thanks for the example, I will try it out tomorrow morning!:cyclops: