Train Mod free for all, rollandart style

I thought the rollandart free for all were great, cause you got to see lots of different styles and approaches to the same image. Also, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you can submit your mod all the same. I thought this would be a cool image to start with. What do you think? We end it in 2 weeks? I’ll put up my mod sometime soon. I really want to see what other people will do with it.



more werk =)

hehe don’t know if i’ll be able to keep the pace…

cool train! I think i might give this one a try. I was really impressed by some of the recent mods and ive been wanting to give it a go. Ive got some good ideas for this one. Hopefully I’ll have time soon to work on one of them.

I’ve been working on mine, I’ll probably have it up by the end of the day, if not by tomorrow.

Ok, here’s my submission. I’m not sure if I’m done or not, but for now I am.

Can’t wait to see what other people will do with it.

  • Luke

haha I thought this thread was about training mods… haha nevermind…

lol…training mods.

haha, I think that to have training mods we’d need people like unflux, sint.gear, canadian guy, etc posting their stuff and then doing the training…

is anyone else going to post any mods up? mine feels lonely…

thats a tight pic… like the spray

So no one is going to post a train mod? No train lovers out there?? Cmon, it’s a pretty good starting image…

dont worry EX i will give it a try and post mine so yours has a friend to play with.

Heres my train it took me 2 hours to do it and now im done. Its ok I dunno give me your opinions.[url=“”]

sorry about the weird link lemme try again
go there and its the one that says train. duh

yo idol… it just keeps redirecting me to this site… i think ya did something wrong… that or doesnt allow you to link directly to images like that. I know geocities doesnt either.

works for me, you just gotta click trains

nice graphic on the side, you even followed the curves on the side of the train! didnt seem to pay enough attention to detail on the rest of it though. whats up with that mess of pixels at the front? the border of the train where you colored the sky blue is also really roughly done, you might wanna go back and trim it a little.

other than that, good job

thanks, moncrey I know and what mess in front??

That one… sorry if is supposed to be something and i just missed it. Just meant to give some constructive criticism.

that is the side of the train I airbrushed it then i color burned it and thats what came out plus the railing is there so that might be it to.

Ok, good, now my train has a play buddy… haha. Nice. Anyone else?

what do you think ex? is my train worthy of playing with yours lol