Transfering Data

What is the best method to make a constant connection between two different Flash users? (ie chat room) and where can I find more information about it?

XML socket server is the answer. XML (extensible markup language) is the best way to transfer information between flash users, imo. Think of it like this, actions taken by the user ie. sending a message in instant chat are sent to all users connected to the server and “pushed” into their individual flash clients. Pushing is good because data in recieved and used by the user without them requesting it. XML is also so compatible with flash because it obviously has the XML class. Hope you find this at all help full.

awesome. I thought the XMLSocket was the answer. Now what I really wanted to know: What does the XMLSocket connect to in order to push everything to all users conencted? (Do I need anything serverside?)

An XML socket server is an application that can accept “socket” connections. A socket server isn’t like a scripted page, the socket application keeps on running and can accept multiple connections from multiple users. I will use for instance a chat room as an example. The user types a message in the apropriate box and then clicks send, the information contained in the message box is converted nice and neatly into either a variable then XML or just XML. This is formation is then immediatly sent to the server (were the socket application is) then dispersed to all other users (without them requesting it) connected to the server. Obviously you need the correct scripts set up in order for flash to understand the XML information coming in and out however this is done easily with the XML class. Everything else is just gravy… imo :wink:

sweet. I actually knew all that I guess… what I was really looking for was information on the socket server. What does it need to do? And how do I build one? (preferably Java)