Transforming letters to letters..?! is it possible?

do you guys know if its possible to transform letters into a different letter because i’m sorta stuck thx for your help

Yeah, this is fairly easy.

What you have to do is type the two letter you want into Flash, then break them apart until you’re left with only the colour fill.

Create a new movie clip, then paste the first off the letter fills into frame 1, and the second into another keyframe, say frame 12.

Now click somewhere in the first section (not either of the two keyframes) and select the Shape Tween option. This will morph the first shape into the second.

It may look a bit wonky in the transition though, so you can use Modify - Shape - Add Shape Hints to mark points on the shapes so it won’t all merge into a blob before appearing as the new letter.

cool you’re right that was pretty easy thx for the help =)