Morphing text in Flash MX

I know that there is a simple way to do it in Flash 5, but does anyone know how to do it in Flash MX? Thanks

Probably the same way you can do it in 5.

I am not really sure what kind of morphing text you are referring to, but most of the things you could do in 5 you can do in MX.

No, I couldn’t get it to work in MX. I just basically wanted to be able to change the text, font, color, etc.

DO you want to do that with Shape tweens or what?

How exactly are you going about morphing the text.

By writing the text, breaking the characters up into boxes, and then creating a blank keyframe, and changing the text, then adding a shape tween in between.

That should work fine.

The clips can not be symbols when you shape tween them. Maybe that is the problem?

I don’t get it, it won’t work, oh well. I was just gonna do it for an avatar, no big deal.

Thanks a lot fo trying, I really appreciate it!!!

Check the follow .fla attachment. Is that what you mean?

Ya, that is kind of what I had in mind, but I was thinking more along the lines of being able to change the font/words etc.

Actually that works perfectly. One question, how do you make a letter a shape?

Never mind, I got it… Thanks a million!!!

You still haven’t explained HOW exactly to morph text in Flash 6. I tried it and i get the same problem as you…howd u do it?

You have to break the text apart twice.

Select your text box and hit CTRL+B 2 times and it will turn your text into fills.

Insert a keyframe on frame 20 or so.

RIght click in the grey area between them. Select insert motion tween.

Open the properties window and choose shape tween from the drop down box where it says “Motion”

You will have a green line with an arrow pointing to the last frame. Change the shape of the text (or add new text and break it apart twice) in the last frame.

Test it out.

Hey thansk! i got it…! **** ur good… :wink:

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I could help:)