Transition effect requested by Blastboy

Blastboy asked me about a transition effect and since a lot of people ask this same question, I decided to post it here for others to use as well.

This FLA is the backbone behind the transitions I use. It consist of one transition movieclip that will hold any kind of transition effect you can think of. The sample is really simple, but it should give you an idea.

To get it to work, modify the transitions, but leave the AS alone, enjoy.

Now I know how to do this. But If I whant to load another movie “.swf” on to the main movie, then when I press another button the movie that have been loaded will close it self, so the new movie will load over, right !

Okay but in every movie that have been loaded have a animation, when I movie is closed I whant it to fade out, but this file you created is in the same main movie, but what about the loadmovie when loading a new movie into the main movie, how to do it then ?

Thank you

At the end of each transition effect, add your loadmovie script there. You can have it load straight into a new MC inside that transitionMC or a new MC on the main stage if you wanted.

hmmm :slight_smile:

In case you need some extra info, see my reply in this thread =)

Tutorial, maybe? =)

yes tutorial will be the best :A+:

I agree, a tutorial would be great! Voetsjoeba, should write a tutorial. :wink:

Can I :stunned::beam: ?

Go for it. :wink:

Great ! =)

Question : Should it be for transitions between external loaded SWF’s or for transitions all inside the same SWF ? Or for the fla provided by EG ?

Both ! :thumb: :thumb:

I ment

transitions between external loaded SWF’s or for transitions all inside the same SWF

Transitions between external loaded SWFs is a must. The other if you have some spare time =)

Well the tutorial is finsihed, but claudio’s is already put online. I guess that makes mine useless …

There’s more than one way to do it so it doesn’t hurt to have your tutorial as well. =)

Thanks EG =) I used an existing tutorial as template. You can view it here:

hmmm … i posted something like this a while ago and
Soulty came up with a great tutorial and .fla …

let me see if i can find them …

Share the wealth x.vector! :stuck_out_tongue: